What is Five Eight Supply


This winter we are based in Andorra, and since we work away most of the year we know the progression of Five Eight Supply has been slow but it has been a whole lot of fun and we send so much love to everyone who has supported us.


For anyone who is wanting to help support us over at Five Eight Supply but don’t have the funds to buy anything that’s perfectly fine. All we ask is a quick share or like on our posts. That will mean so much to us.

What is Five Eight Supply?

Five Eight Supply started as a clothing line in the mountains of Les Deux Alpes during winter of 2015/16 by a guy called Sam. That cliché seasonaire with the aspiration to create his own clothing line. Inspired from a background of skateboarding, badly, and snowboarding, slightly less badly, and the motivation to create his own brand 'Five Eight Supply' was formed.

What does the future of Five Eight Supply look like?

We have updated the website and releasing new collections. We are still in the early days of Five Eight Supply and from never having any experience in this we are enjoying the journey. We will aim to get a crew together and we always welcome ‘sponsor me’ emails as it does open our eyes to the talent that is around.

Where else everyone keep up to date with Five Eight Supply?

Five Eight Supply can be found to be pretty active on Instagram @fiveeightsupply and Facebook facebook.com/fiveeightsupply

Sam Murphy